Sunday, July 26, 2009

transduce artist statement

Matthew Joseph McCormack

3143 N. High St. Columbus OH. 43202

216.346.4941 ·

Transduce Artist Statement

    We know energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be stored and transformed. The beauty we see in our natural world is based on plants transforming energy from radiant sunlight to physical growth. I use the stored plant energy to blow and sculpt glass. My fluid gestures, peaceful thoughts, and wild emotions are immediately and permanently captured in the piece. In this way, the glass objects are storage devices for my energy. Viewers today and in the future will transform the lines, colors, and texture of the work into their own real thoughts and feelings. When viewers explore my installations and physically interact with the kinetic work, they are accessing the same light energy that is the source of our existence. Through these shared experiences, I hope that our community will appreciate all life forms, people, and ideas.

- Matthew McCormack, 2008

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